The Center for Community Health (CCH) is a first-of-its-kind collaboration in the seven-county metropolitan area to collectively understand the health of our community members and make it better.


·         Using data and resources from its participating organizations, CCH members learn about the health needs and assets of people living in the seven-county metropolitan area of Minnesota.

 ·         Guided by that information, CCH improves the health of people in the community by collectively creating and implementing action plans.

·         By working as a team on behalf of their organizations, CCH members are meeting and exceeding government requirements for understanding the health of the community – and for acting to make health improvements.

·         CCH believes that by working together we can reduce redundancy and costs – while increasing our impact on the health of the community.


CCH is comprised of health plans, hospitals/health systems and public health agencies in the seven-county metropolitan area of Minnesota. This initiative is a first for bringing together these organizations. Members of CCH are committed to working together and setting aside competition in order to improve community health.