Photo taken by Jim Brekke

The Center for Community Health (CCH) is a collaborative between public health agencies, non-profit health plans, and not-for-profit hospital/health systems in the seven-county metropolitan area in Minnesota. 

Our Mission

Our collaborative of health plans, hospitals, and public health agencies will share data and processes to identify health needs and implement innovative approaches to advance community health, well-being, and equity.

Our Vision

A healthy and thriving Twin Cities metro area population achieved through collaboration, data sharing, and collective action.

CCH Guiding Principles

  • Our work will focus on what can be done across all three sectors

  • Our level of engagement will reflect our respective priorities and capacity

  • Members will be clear about who they are representing when contributing opinions and ideas

  • Our work will be data driven

  • We will strive for efficiency and avoid added work

  • Our efforts should add value to our work

  • We will avoid areas that might raise antitrust concerns, such as reimbursement matters and payor/provider relationships

  • Membership in the CCH does not preclude members from doing individual work in their own sectors, and

  • We will strive to create/achieve health equity